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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ban Currency to Ban Terrorism

It's now clear beyond doubt, that no amount of so called security can prevent bomb blasts and terrorism.

The only way such dastardly attacks can be totally stopped is to ban currency circulation the worldover and make all transactions of all individuals, organizations and governments transparent on the web.

By this all spending on arms and terrorism - state sponserod or terrorist groups sponsored can be totally eliminated and true all round peace and prosperity can prevail.

It is ultimately the inequalities that create people to resort to terrorism. To counter terrorism, we need more military and police and they are a drain on any national resource.

Instead we can spend on peace, alleviating poverty, enriching the lives of citizens, etc.Lest we have to live in constant fear of life, despite the advancements in science and technology.

We need to transform our society into a peace loving society and it must begin with the leading nations of the world in not spreading the arms race!!

Kris Dev


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