Ban Currency

Friday, October 28, 2005

Ban Currency

Dear all,

It is well known that human greed has overtaken the need of every human being.

God in his wisdom had provided for every living being and human being, while creating the universe.

But it appears, unfortunately, God has discounted the greed factor of human beings.

So we do not now seem to have enough for everyone, though some have more than what they need and continue to amass more. This is out of sheer follishness and greed of the human race.

God has endowed us with that sixth sense, to make us intelligent beings, so we could lead a better life than the lower beings like insects and animals who survive on the mercy of nature.

But unfortunately all our knowledge and seeking has created all the conditions to make life more and more difficult and unhappy, in the quest of seeking happiness. Our science and technology has proved our undoing and is out to finish the human race.

While the majority of the world humans are sick (mentally and physically) , poor and unhappy, a few are rich and trying to make themselves happy, at the cost of the vast multitude of poor.

Corruption of thought and act has become a way of life for personal aggrandisment. The only way to get out of this is to make the world equitable for all.

'Ban Currency' is a movement to transform communities and society of its evil of corruption, to create a level playing field and an equitable world of equitable opporunities for all.

Make all transactions transparent on the web for every individual, community and organiation, so that there can be no wrong dealings and even if there is one, the eyes of the community and society can be watchful to detect and correct the same.

Every individual and organization should have only one genuine bank account made transparent to the world. All transactions must be by bio-metric authentication.

This will transform the world, to make every individual, community, organizations, society, nation to act honest in private and public.

Transparency and Accountability should be the hall mark of any community or society, so that the human race progresses equitably.


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