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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Transforming lives

It is a tragedy in India, after 58 years of independence, the voter is
yet to be uniquely identified. We do not have a unique Citiezn ID, to
say the least.

All this is because of our present form of democracy, which is
actually hypocrisy, followed by most citizens and political parties.

If we have to break-away from these shackles of hypocrisy, we need to
have unique identity for every citizen from birth to death, ban
currency circulation, and make all transactions transparent on the
web, thro' unique bank account for every individual and organization,
including govt. with no exception.

This will automatically transform our democracy, alleviate India from
its forced poverty, which we the citizens have ensured, remains,
depite the progress, India has made in all its spheres of life.

There should be no permanent employment with the Govt. or other
organizations and entrepreneurship should be the mantra for produivity
and result based performance. All citizens must have equitable
opportunity. There shall be no distinction of sex, religion, caste,
creed, etc. This alone can transform our democracy and India.

Kris Dev


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